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    May 17, 2013
    2:00 - 2:31am PDT  

that does it for us tonight. we will see you again tomorrow night, where we are going to bring you a very important whig-related story about a russian spy. it's really good. good morning. it's friday, right now, on "first look" how is this for a twist in the person in charge of obama care is the same official that oversaw the irs's targeting of tea party groups. president obama gets serious about putting an end to sexual assault in the military. shocking testimony in the penalty phase stuns jurors in the jodi arias case. and advice from pat robertson on adultery. and a murder conviction in the blink of an eye. and becks goes out on top. good morning. the forecast today for washington is partly cloudy. when it comes to the political climate, when it rains, it pours, the white house is
learning. president obama came out swinging on thursday while republicans hammer away at a trifecta of problems. >> reporter: lawmakers are sure to show outrage when talking to steven miller today. he'll be on capitol hill testifying about what happened and how. senior white house budget official daniel weurfel takes over as the white house chief this morning. >> it's unacceptable for there to be a hint of partisanship or ideology when it comes to the application of our tax laws. >> reporter: the former agency boss forced to resign testifies before a committee today. meanwhile, the man at the head of the branch that targeted groups is now retiring. >> nothing resolves the bonds between the people and the
government than the arrogance of power here in washington. that's what the american people are seeing today from the administration, remarkable arrogance. >> reporter: president obama is trying to quiet lawmaker attacks and avoid the curse of the second term. >> when you're under siege. your whole agenda and legacy are in danger of being swallowed up by conspiracy theorists, you have to be strong. >> i've directed the defense department to ensure the military can respond lightning quick in times of crisis. >> reporter: he's also making no apologies for the justice department and the unprecedented subpoena of associated press phone records as part of an investigation. today, the president will try to focus on the agenda heading to baltimore to talk about middle class jobs. these same things will no doubt
come up. >> all right, thank you. more damage control for the military as it deals with criticism over its handling of sexual assault cases. this morning, a lieutenant at fort campbell is no longer supervising the program at the base after an abuse allegation. the president told senior brass levels of sexual assault cases hinder the military's ability to carry out its mission. now a group of lawmakers is p proposing major changes to the way the military handles the cases. >> when any single victim is forced to salute her attacker, clearly our system is broken. >> sexual violence is illegal and completely unacceptable and yet appears to be continuing unabated.
>> the bill would prevent military commanders from handling cases involving subordinates and would outlaw them from setting aside guilty verdicts. gripping testimony from the family of the man jodi arias is accused of murdering. telling the jury they have lost their beacon of hope. travis alexander's brother says he'll never get the answers to most of his questions surrounding his brother's death. >> questions like how much did he suffer? how much did he scream? what was he saying? what was the last thing he saw before his eyes closed? >> a jury convicted arias last week for the 2008 murder of her boyfriend, travis alexander. several communities in north texas are trying to piece their
lives together this morning after a dozen tornadoes tore through their home on wednesday. jay gray has more now from granbury, texas, a rural town that suffered the brunt of the damage. >> reporter: hundreds of families across north texas are still working through the shattered remnants of their lives. >> it was bad. it was the scariest thing i have ever been in. >> reporter: the national weather service says at least 13 tornados touched down. the most viability an ef-4 with sustained winds of up to 200 miles an hour. evidence of the power litters the strike zone. >> it's just like what they say. a freight train going through your house. >> reporter: at least six people dead in this community, dozens insxwrurpd many homes completely wiped away. a majority of the splintered
houses were built by the owners less than fi ago with help from volunteers from habitat for humanity. >> you know how much that home means to that family. it's -- it's devastated. >> reporter: devastation that stretches for miles. >> i have seen bad ones in my day. i knew this would be one of the worst i have ever seen. it was. >> reporter: so bad, it's left survivors clinging tight to one another. and now, struggle as they begin a painful and very difficult recovery. jay gray, nbc news, granbury, texas. the first look at scrambled politics. james carville, who is no stranger to dealing with political scandals, says the white house should just wait this one out. current congressional hearings are over a scam not a scandal. >> i think the white house got to just live with this for 30
days, get the truth out, and you know, roll with the punches. it looks like former congressman a maman anthony weis to make a come back. he could jump into the new york mayoral race as soon as next week. someone else making a comeback. former democratic vp nominee john edwards will speak next month on historic trials of the septemberry. no word on if he plans to mention his own. maryland has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. martin o'malley signed a bill that requires people to submit fingerprints to on stain a handgun license. after the house voted for the 367th time wednesday to repeal the president's health care law, a war of words broke out on twitter. after darryl issa asked republicans to describe the
legislation in three words. the white house responded by saying, it's the law, complete with the president's signature on the bill. eric cantor fired back with we must repeal. and you can forget about taking me out to the ball game. the irs has put the kibosh against the scheduled softball game with john cornen. the team, called the cheatahs, promised to reschedule. and for the weekend forecast, bill is here. >> it was funny when they came up with it back in the -- after this week? let me show you the one iconic picture from the granbury, tornado, i'm taking away. this is a slab of house. there was a good-sized house there reduced to the foundation. that's why this got an ef-4 tornado rating. 166-200-mile-an-hour winds. it was on the ground for about
two to three miles. the width was about half-mile wide. we did have strong storms yesterday. shrevepo shreveport, louisiana. we'll have wet weather today. there's some of the rainfall now. heavy rain from greenville, mississippi, to joust south of memphis. rainy and stormry for areas in the tennessee valley. the northern plains. a decent day from d.c. to new england. as we go through the week end, the northern plains best chance of severe weather, then the mid-atlantic, i think, from virginia, north carolina, to d.c., rain could move in saturday and be with you all day sunday. >> oh, that's too bad. paging chad ocho cinco johnson, if you're watching, the police want a word with you. and lottery fever sweeps the nation. we'll by a ticket. and pat robertson's bizarre
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some other stories making news this morning. officials say surviving boston suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev wrote information while in the boat. saying the bombings were in retaliation of muslim situations. david chandler blinked three times when police showed a photo of his attacker. now for pat robertson. he told a woman to recognize maels have a tendency to wander and encouraged her to make a home where he doesn't want to cheat. way to blame the victim. well, football bad boy chad ocho cinco could be heading to
jail. a warrant is out for his arrest after skipping counseling. he was arrested last year after he allegedly head-butted his wife. and a homeless man here has been arrested for the murder of a new jersey lawyer. the man is being held on $3 million bail. a huge weekend ahead with almost $800 million at stake in two major lotteries. tonight, megamillions, a jackpot of $190 million. saturday night, powerball's jackpot is expected to grow beyond the current $550 million. good luck. first look at sports is coming up next. plus, even in retirement, david beckham will still earn about $40 million this year and next. we'll have more on that.
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well, it's time for your sports. more on a friday. with that, richard lui is leer. >> nothing mellow about carmelo anthony. the knicks rack up the points. indiana leads the series, 3-2. game six on saturday. experience gives youth their
walking painers. the spurs outshoot my golden state warriors. the spurs to the western conference fwinls the win. david beckham is walking away, off the pitch for good. he hangs up the headband after this season. the retiring 38-year-old has won 19 trophies, 10 of them league titles. the only english player to win championships in four countries. he says now is the time to go. >> it's a difficult decision because i still feel that i can play at the top level. and still have done for the last six months. but, i always you know secretly said to myself, i want to go out at the top. chapter three, verse one. remember sergio garcia, a bad drive on saturday's players championship. he said tiger woods caused distracting crowd noise because he prepared too early. later, one marshall said they did not telled woos to go ahead.
now, a second one said the on zid. i was the one that tiger heard say that sergio had hit. >> look at that line. it was in, no, no. that's viktor troicki complaining. he drags over the tv cameraman. he loses the challenge and the match. but he does talk appropriately. he's in rome. >> he argued like an italian. he was in rome. it didn't work. what a week in politics. we're not done yet. joining me now for our first look is kevin cirilli, seven, good morning. >> good morning. >> later this morning, steven miller, the outgoing irs commissioner will appear before an irs hearing. is he taking the fifth or telling us anything we don't already know? >> i think he's expected to testify. i think he'll face a grilling today.
some of the questions we could see from him regard last year's testimony from before congress. all of this was going on, he made no mention of it. he'll most likely be asked why. >> and yesterday, a second top irs official announced he's stepping down amid this controversy. do you expect to see more resignations? and do we expect to see them at other agencies? >> joseph grant, the official at the ir is rks in charge of the division that was targeting the conservative groups did step down yesterday. i do think we could see more resignations. i think that as investigations continue, including today's hearing, we could have more details. earlier in week, john boehner suggested this might go beyond resignations and someone might go to jail over the irs scandal. to some, that sounded like an overreach. is there evidence of criminal
act ivit activity? >> i thing it's too early to tell. there are a lot of questions. conservatives have criticized the president pretty hard in that rhetoric. i expect it to continue. >> we'll have to leave it there. thank you, kevin. >> thanks for having me. coming up, a look back at the week that was. and bill and richard will join us in our first buzz. ld is exhausting business. with the innovating and the transforming and the revolutionizing. it's enough to make you forget that you're flying five hundred miles an hour on a chair that just became a bed. you see, we're doing some changing of our own. ah, we can talk about it later. we're putting the wonder back into air travel, one innovation at a time. the new american is arriving.
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well, from edible insects to prince harry's royal charm,
let's look back at if week that was. scan dallas. benghazi attack, irs corruption, and spying. women applauded angelina jolie for the double mastectomy and laughed at these men on simulators feeling the pain of childbirth. a u.s. man nabbed for allegedly being involved in russian es peon imagine the. the cia trained a cat to spy on the enemy in the 1960s. when they released the cat, it got hit by a car. this is true. at which point the russian driving the car was like, it's done. in australia, an implosion gone bad. with an extra push, the building came down. this is billionaire richard branson, paying up on a bet he lost. it toox guts. and holy replica, batman. a florida shop created a
street-legal version of the batmobile. a new report suggests insects are healthy sources of protein and fiber the. according to the un, all your new yorkers with bed bugs are technically ranchers. a bat on the loose in baseball. luckily, this fan had it covered. prince harry took to the field, too. his visit to the u.s. was a home run. charming crowds. >> is that one direction? >> no, it's not, jon. the dashing soldier prince who makes people react to him like this. >> frankly, i found him to be a very attractive young man. >> gotta love it. all right. a childish politician test tube meat and the many faces of difd beckham. time for "first buzz" the stories we're talking about today. >> when i was 4, i perfected my big wheel spin.
bobby tufts has different plans. a new mayor, for dorsett, minnesota. 4-year-old bobby tufts. he says, as your mayor, i vow to make sure that the food is high in nutrition. and unlike mika, it starts with ice cream, the food pyramid. 26 people in the opportunity. and -- >> he might be more effective than some officials. >> get him early. straight talker. >> speaking of the food pyramid. richard, expensive burger? >> $325,000 burger. a test tube burger. or in vitro meet. not sure who is going pay for this. that's how they make the meat. the good thing is, no slaughtering going on. good for the environment because of the what person. >> don't even try to spin this. >> how does it taste? if it takes like popeyes, people
will eat it. >> a good choice. >> and i have david beckham here. the many faces of beckham. they're talking about his retirement on "the new york times." that is important. what is more important is his beautiful face. they've taken a look at the look over the years. the corn rouse, not a big fan of. some of the others are fetching. >> when bill had the corn rows, it was tough. >> surprised mara didn't go with how the underwear line has changed over the years. >> i was hoping for a shirtless photo. they let me down. >> i don't thing he's going the retire from that. >> hopefully not. >> but young, as erp saying earlier. late 30s. for the amount of time he's been around, he would be in the 40s or 50s. >> i didn't realize he was 38. i thought he was much older. he makes the rest of us in our 30s feel like total losers. >> and knows nothing about
marketing, right? >> of course. all right. these are the stories we're talking about. you'll be hearing about today. this is "first look" on msnbc. stay tuned. "way too early" starts right now. have a great weekend. how do you feel about comparisons by some of your critics of this week's scandals to those that happened under the nixon administration? >> i'll let you engage in those comparisons. and you -- you can go ahead and read the history, i think, and draw your own conclusions. my concern is making sure that if there's a problem in the government, we fix it. >> trying to stop the bleeding, or at least the nixon references. the white house is trying to keep this from a full-fledged scandal. the search for survivors
amid destruction in the state of texas. 16 tornadoes kill six and hurt dozens more. a threat for more storms over the weekend. and on a lighter note, cheating on your spouse, netflix style. it's friday, may 17th. you got it. it's "way too early." good friday morning, everybody. i'm brian shactman. we'll get to all of that in a minute. first, the $550 million powerball jackpot. that's half a billion. you could buy the sacramento kings for that. we think a lot here on the program and "way too early." we got to thinking about what happens on sunday when you wake up and you learn that you win? you don't have the money yet, but you know you have won. so i want to know what you would do? tweet mesi